Cafe Jumo

Kensington, London

A coffee shop at Kensignton with inside and outside sitting areas, kitchen, coffee bar, WC and a small office area at a mezzanine floor created from scratch.

All interior materials, elements, furniture and decoration were planned carefully, meeting the needs of the client to create warm, homey space for the customers where they can enjoy delicious coffee and food.

Basketball Court

Cihangir, Istanbul

A social responsibility project at the heart of Istanbul, turning idle spaces into social activity areas.

The space is designed as a basketball court from scratch for the use of young people in the neighbourhood mostly, where they can both have fun and do sports, socialise with each other and doing sports.

Social Club

For young people

Cycloid Society Social Club is a full 3 floors, around 1,500 sqm green (sustainable )designed building only for young adults (16-24) to have fun during their free time.

The colours and the materials of the design are influenced by urban street life. The main materials are concrete and steel accented by oak wood, plywood, brick, wool, terrazzo, glass and Marmoleum. 


Good food, good music, good mood.

Eating outside is one of the ways we treat ourselves and why not have it last longer and make it more about just food? 

Materials, colours, lighting, furniture and every surface you interact in this restaurant aim you to feel the joy and want to spend more time in this gorgeous atmosphere.


Finding the calm in the chaos

A place outside your home where you can find your inner selves, take care of yourselves and relax to be ready mentally to get back into the chaos of your daily life which is unfortunately inevitable.

Designed with genderless colours, that is cleansed from stereotypes and makes you feel peaceful. Yellow is the colour of acquired knowledge, it uplifts and illuminates people, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Yellow is the colour of new ideas, helping people to find new ways of doing things. It’s the practical thinker, not the dreamer.